About Us

Our firm, IchterThomas, LLC, has a combined decades of experience in non-compete law.

Ichter Thomas is a new breed of law firm. Our founders bring to bear 75+ years of large law firm and Fortune-10 in house experience in an agile and highly efficient firm structure. We have quickly become the “go to” firm for difficult, complicated disputes due to our successful track record of creative and imaginative, yet coldly efficient results. We identify theories of recovery or dispositive defenses that other lawyers have missed and advocate for our clients with an appropriate degree of aggressive energy coupled with creative solutions. We are the lawyers other lawyers hire.

We formed our firm to achieve greater value for our clients and maximize efficient results out of a belief that complex litigation is most effectively handled by smaller teams comprised of smart, highly experienced lawyers focused on results rather than process.

Imagine this: A firm that truly is different; a firm that is creative and at the same time business oriented; a firm that, while focused on dispute resolution, is always ready for battle; a firm cognizant that success in litigation means achieving both strategic and financial goals; a firm with the foresight to see that, perhaps once in a century, the model of legal services ought to evolve.

Now, that is truly different.

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