Cary Ichter of IchterThomas, LLC cited in Discussion of Georgia Non Compete Law

by admin | cary ichter on October 29, 2010

[w]ere one to take a dozen superior court judges and have each of them rewrite a non-competition covenant based upon all of these considerations – and others some might consider – it would be fair to anticipate that one would wind up with 12 very different contracts at the end of the process.

Cited by Benjamin Fink et al, Georgia’s New Non-Compete Statute: Is This Legislation Good for Business in Georgia?, Berman Fink Van Horn P.C., 2010

Cary Ichter, a Founding Partner at IchterThomas, LLC, has penned countless articles about local Georgia and nationwide legal issues. Regarding the upcoming referendum on change to non-compete law in Georgia, Cary has published an open letter in the Fulton County Daily Report in response to a letter from Representative Kevin Levitas.

Read more about the impact of Goergia’s potential new non-compete law here, and contact IchterThomas, LLC for an evaluation of your particular contract now.

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